Handmade decoration handed down through generations, the tradition of Vietri ceramics

Milu's ceramics

Vietri ceramics

The ancient art of Vietrese ceramics reproduced in objects of extraordinary beauty


The best ceramics in demand worldwide made and hand-painted to offer objects of art

Made in Italy

The art of Vietrese ceramics is among the strengths of our country's authentic craftsmanship

Our Production

Milu’s handmade ceramics, made in our workshop in Nocera Superiore (SA), are a perfect expression of Made in Italy quality.

We specialise in cutlery and coverings, and especially in customised items with decorations on request. We also work wholesale, thus being able to produce large quantities of ceramic articles on request.

Our company operates nationwide. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any type of request by writing to us using the form on the contact page.

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